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From CNN Today: Ballot Measure: Straight couples, procreate or else

Basically, these people in Washington are saying, “OK, fine. If marriage is all about the procreation, let’s see it.” I think this is a great example of creative thinking and turning some one’s words against them. I understand that most conservatives have other issues with gay marriage, but I feel like this addresses a large part of the argument. There are plenty of married couples without children in this world, and the number is rising:

  • In 1970, 27.4% of women ages 50-54 had at least one minor child of their own in their household. By 2000, it had fallen to 15.4%.
  • In 1976, one in ten women in their forties was childless. In 2004, it was almost one in five women who were childless.

So, there it is. Marriage isn’t about procreation anymore. It’s about a lot more than that, and if you don’t agree, then sign onto this bill in Washington and see how many marriages become annulled, or even worse, how many married couples have children even though they didn’t want to, just to prove that marriage exists only for procreation.

No worries- even the people who introduced this bill know that it’s absurd. But they’re making a point and they’re making it loud and clear. Just the other day I was lamenting about how our generation lacks the passion and the energy that was found in the activists and protests of the 60s. These kinds of happenings gives me hope for our generation.


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