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Thank you, Alternet, for this amazing perspective on how awful the past 8 years have been. Really, you start to forget about some of these atrocities when the next one comes around. Alternet has done us all a solid and created a list of The 10 Most Awesomely Bad Moments of the Bush Presidency. Check out the article for the full story, but here’s the quick list:

10. Bush gets re-elected
9. Alberto Gonzales’ Congressional testimony
8. North Korea conducts a nuclear test
7. Colin Powell’s WMD presentation to the UN
6. Terri Schiavo
5. The Gaza Strip, circa 2006
4. Hurricane Katrina
3. Abu Ghraib
2. 9/11
1. “Mission Accomplished”

Seriously. Why haven’t we tried to impeach this guy a million times over already?!?!?


And so soon! After announcing her intention to leave the activism scene in May, Cindy Sheehan has now announced that she intends to run against Nancy Pelosi for her House seat in the San Francisco district if Pelosi does not introduce articles of impeachment for Bush by July 23.

Does Sheehan actually stand a chance against Pelosi? Probably not. But what I really like about this whole thing is Sheehan’s point about the “peoples’ accountability movement.” How many of us complain about those who are serving us in Congress? Rather than just complaining, Sheehan is taking that a step further and trying to do something about it. These people serve us. We elect them. We should expect them to represent us fairly.

“I’m doing it to encourage other people to run against Congress members who aren’t doing their jobs, who are beholden to special interests,” Sheehan said. “She (Pelosi) let the people down who worked hard to put Democrats back in power, who we thought were our hope for change.”

I commend Sheehan for being active rather than passive, for thinking of a creative way to state her dissatisfaction in Congress, and most certainly for finding the strength to throw herself back into the spotlight.

What Is This Girl Talking About??