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Thank you, Alternet, for this amazing perspective on how awful the past 8 years have been. Really, you start to forget about some of these atrocities when the next one comes around. Alternet has done us all a solid and created a list of The 10 Most Awesomely Bad Moments of the Bush Presidency. Check out the article for the full story, but here’s the quick list:

10. Bush gets re-elected
9. Alberto Gonzales’ Congressional testimony
8. North Korea conducts a nuclear test
7. Colin Powell’s WMD presentation to the UN
6. Terri Schiavo
5. The Gaza Strip, circa 2006
4. Hurricane Katrina
3. Abu Ghraib
2. 9/11
1. “Mission Accomplished”

Seriously. Why haven’t we tried to impeach this guy a million times over already?!?!?


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